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Data Context for SIEM and SOAR

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platforms alert organizations to security threats and guide their response to breach events with detailed tasks and instructions to comply with global, federal, and state regulations.

Critical data context for SIEM and SOAR platforms is often lacking, however. This context about compromised data is the cornerstone of a targeted and thorough investigation and response plan that meets compliance requirements.

How We Help

As the premier solution for data discovery and data classification of sensitive data at scale, Inventa adds business context to sensitive data, enriching SIEM and SOAR solutions with layers of data-based information.


Inventa provides information regarding Data Mapping, Data Metadata, Data Copies, and more supporting SOAR operations and enables more effective breach policy planning, response prioritization, and breach response orchestration & implementation.

Inventa provides continuous, real time insights into the location of sensitive data across the network. This enables operators to design and apply customized threat mitigation and breach response plans on the data asset level, based on the sensitivity and criticality of data in specific locations.

Inventa provides enriched data context for SIEM and SOAR systems with an accurate profile of the data that is out of place or exposed in a breach, allowing operators to prioritize response activities, receive immediate insights into the type and sensitivity of the exposed or misplaced data, and respond with the appropriate procedures.

Inventa proactively reduces the risk of detected threats or breach incidents, by supporting and enabling reduction of attack surfaces via data minimization. Inventa continuously identifies the existence and location of data copies and alerts the organization so that security operators can merge duplicate files, delete redundant records, and consolidate sensitive data repositories for ruggedization.

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