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Updated: Apr 4 Inventa, a leading sensitive data intelligence solution, announces attack surface reduction and cryptographic discovery as well as support for MSFT OneNote and Teams, IBM Guardium Data Protection and RedHat Openshift

NEW YORK (PRWEB) MARCH 28, 2023, provider of Inventa™, a sensitive data intelligence solution powered by advanced machine learning, announced today that it has released its 3.3 version. This release builds on Inventa’s market leading sensitive data intelligence for data-at-rest and data-in-motion platform, helping to solve customers’ toughest data security and data privacy challenges.

Attack Surface Reduction

The new Attack Surface Reduction feature displays sensitive data by age: when it was created, and more importantly, when it was last updated. With this new capability customers can determine how much old sensitive data exists and where it is located. They can then take steps to remove it if no longer needed, and can track data minimization over time, thereby reducing overall risk of misuse or compromise.

“Industry reports* have shown that only 15% of your sensitive data is business critical, the rest is ROT or Dark,” said Zak Rubinstein, CEO of “Customers I talk to are very interested in reducing data security risk by attack surface reduction, so this new feature drives immediate ROI for our customers.”

Cryptographic Discovery

Organizations are beginning to explore quantum safe cryptography and the starting point for any project is the inventory of current cryptographic usage throughout the environment. Inventa 3.3 introduces the ability to identify any potentially outdated or easily compromised encryption (i.e. 128 bit keys; RSA) being used to protect sensitive data, so that it can be updated to the proposed NIST algorithms in the future.

“Most customers are using some form of encryption to protect their sensitive data, but they don’t usually have an automated way to identify outdated or easily compromised systems,” said Jesse Sedler, VP of Products at “This new functionality allows our customers to discover encryption that may be in use but not actively managed.”

In addition, Inventa 3.3 has added support for Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams, the Denodo Data Platform, integration with IBM Security Guardium Data Protection to provide a risk view into protected sensitive data and vulnerabilities, and support for the leading Kubernetes orchestration tool, RedHat’s OpenShift Container Platform which provides additional security for business critical systems that customers rely on.

About Inventa is a leading sensitive data intelligence solution with unprecedented data discovery and classification technology to improve outcomes across the enterprise via a centralized management console. Inventa gives organizations complete visibility into the business value of all data – including shadow IT and unknown data sources – by automating the discovery process starting at the network-layer and providing a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date master inventory. This visibility enables organizations of any size to easily meet security, privacy and compliance requirements while getting more out of their existing investments and improving operational efficiency.


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