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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is the process by which you identify, prioritize, and resolve vulnerabilities in operating system software, enterprise applications, browsers, and end-user applications. It’s an ongoing process where you continually identify vulnerabilities and prioritize how and when to fix them through patching and configuration of security settings.


The prioritization component of vulnerability management is key – you can’t patch everything at once, so how do you decide which devices and systems to patch and test first?

How We Help Inventa is the premier solution for data discovery and data classification of sensitive data at scale, adding data context to the prioritization of your vulnerability management program. Inventa as a component of your vulnerability management process gives you:

  • Full, fast and continuous visibility into sensitive personal data across the enterprise

  • Controls against vulnerabilities applied appropriately based on sensitive data context

  • Vulnerability prioritization that includes sensitive data context


With Inventa, you can now continually evaluate the criticality of the information on your systems. When you know what sensitive personal data is on what system, you can now make informed decisions about which vulnerabilities to patch, and when.

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