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Sensitive data intelligence means:

1000x improvement in data discovery and classification using Supervised AI

Data aware security with Inventa™

We discover and classify data in all major platforms so you can prioritize security controls

Increased regulation and costs of data breaches means
more investment for risk reduction





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New Project (42).jpg




of sensitive data
is unknown to CISOs

of the world will have
data covered under
privacy regulations
by 2024

separate security
tools in use at the
average enterprise

of enterprise alerts
go uninvestigated
due to high alert

Supervised AI training

Reduce overhead with low false positives and reduce risk of low
false negatives by using Inventa™

Our Supervised AI system trains on your customer and employee respositories, whether on-prem, in the cloud, or on the mainframe resulting in industry leading accuracy.

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Industry Recognition

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Our expert views on data security
and data privacy issues.

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Why companies rely on inventa™ for security and privacy?

"Performance increased - Our budget didn't"
Inventa was chosen because of the ability to achieve multiple security and privacy use-cases. The POC involved tagging PHI data in structured and unstructured data sources. The result was 96% accuracy out of 70,000 PII samples.
- Insurance Analyst -
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