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Sustainable Data Discovery for

Privacy and Security


Leading security, privacy, and governance space by helping businesses discover sensitive data from known and unknown sources while creating a master catalog and providing full visibility in the data lifecycle.

Create new sources of sustainable revenues with a subscription-based solution in the new world of Data Discovery and Data Privacy. Extend your current security and IT operations expertise into the fast-growing new space.


Locates PII data at rest/motion (transit), structured/ unstructured, and known/unknown.


Rationalize PII data saved in different formats and files and create a smart catalog of all the PII data.

Mapping & Lineage

Rationalize PII data saved in different formats and files and create a smart catalog of all the PII data.

Partner Benefits

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Joint Partnership

Leverage a strong partner program that offers attractive margins.

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Day 1 Results

Offer a robust solution to protect your customers and see immediate results.

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Sales Support

Seamlessly register and track opportunities throughout the sales process.

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Marketing Collaboration

Utilize marketing materials to drive lead generation and accelerate deals, and work with marketing to launch co-branded campaigns.

Let’s Get to Work

Why partner with

The Channel Partner Program is a powerful way to accelerate your sales growth.  It will complement your existing data security suite. Our solution is already at work with enterprise customers, including leading financial firms, hospitality, healthcare, consumer, and retail sectors. technology is based on highly demanding border control systems around the world as well as PCI compliance technology used at industry-leading financial services firms.

Every organization with a large B2C base and more than 2500 users are a candidate for our solution. If you are a reseller having clients who have multiple data centers, complex IT infrastructure, data management, storage, or security technologies in your portfolio, will complement your existing offerings and position you as a trusted advisor.

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