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Healthcare Data: Privacy and Utility for Regulation

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  4. CCPA Compliance

  5. LGPD Compliance

  6. GDPR Compliance

  7. Risk and Governance

  8. Third-Party Sharing

  9. Data in Motion

  10. Data Subject Rights

  11. Inventories

  12. File Analysis and Data Classification

  13. Data Mapping and Lineage

  14. Sustainable Data Discovery

Use Case

Vulnerability Management Decide Which Vulnerabilities to Address and When

Data Minimization and Retention Less Sensitive Data to Protect Means Less Risk

Post Breach Forensics Understand and Quantify Data Exposure after a Breach

Risk Assessments Bring Quantitative Data Context to Risk Assessments

Data Protection Apply Controls Based on Sensitive Data Context

Data Context for SIEM and SOAR Profile Data that is Out of Place or Exposed in a Breach

Extending Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Automatically Identify Sensitive Data Sources

Mitigating Third Party Risk Which Third Parties are Accessing What Data


Financial Secure Financial Customer Data and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare Protect Patient Data and Adhere to Regulations

Retail Keep Customer Data Secure and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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Healthcare Data: Privacy and Utility for Regulation

Healthcare organizations are no strangers to protecting sensitive data under regulatory requirements. What are the challenges they face? How do they compare across the world and under different regulations? What could we do better to improve compliance in the use of data to improve patient care? How can healthcare organizations, working with limited resources, balance data privacy and effectively utilize data?

Join us for a webinar to discuss:

• Privacy compliance for healthcare • The need-to-know what data you have and where it is stored. • Regulations across the world are all trying to reduce the chance of identification from data. • Protecting data is not just about privacy. • Practical tips to ensure data utility and accuracy are addressed.

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